About the stud

The domain of the farm was bought in March 2007.
At that time, it was only a land of 62 hectares (about 130 acres) including a farm and a band of a hundred of cows.

Besides the high quality of the soil, the grasslands and the hilly beauty of the place, this location presented the specificity of natural delimitations formed by hedges, allowing a smooth and harmonious set of various paddocks.
The work of rehabilitation quickly began after the acquisition of the compound and it is at the beginning of the summer 2007 that Colleville welcomed its first occupants.
In November 2007, all the main buildings of the stud farm were achieved and foaling began serenely in January 2008.

In the summer 2009, the work of renovation was almost completed and Guy Pariente decided to expand the stud with an appendix of 38 hectares located in Gonneville-sur-Mer, only 5 minutes away from Colleville. The piece of land beneficiates from a stunning sea view, and 25 hectares had been kept so far completely virgin, offering a brand new fresh pasture to the spelling horses of the farm.
All important stages of breeding are taken care of on the stud farm: covering, reproduction and gestation period until the birth of the foals.
Breaking-in and training are no part of the activities but the team prepares the yearlings until their departure to training.
As a secondary service, the stud farm also welcomes spelling racehorses, in summer and winter time alike, to put them to rest.

Today Colleville counts 56 boxes among which:
o 1 barn of 30 boxes dedicated to mares with foals at foot
o 1 barn of 18 boxes dedicated to deprived foals, yearlings and spelling horses
o 4 foaling boxes
o 4 stallion boxes
o 2 quarantine boxes set apart

Several types of grasslands are available at the stud farm, small paddocks for the recovery of horses, to pasture lands up to 12 hectares.

The stud farm spreads out on: o 2 paddocks of 300m² (20x 15m)
o 1 paddock of 1200m² (30x40m)
o 4 meadows of 1500m² (50x 30m)
o 6 meadows of one hectare
o 8 grasslands going from 4 to 12 hectares

The infrastructure of the stud farm also includes:
o 1 indoor training arena
o 1 horse walker for up to 6 horses
o 1 « havrincourt » walking yard
o 1 cowshed for the livestock
o 1 seed trade
o Ultra-modern sheds for storage and fodder
Located in the heart of the Pays d’Auge (Normandy), the stud farm benefits from all benefactions of Normandy’s soils, renowned for its high quality grounds, on which have been produced champions for centuries.
A moderate climate, the nearness of the sea and a fertile soil with ongoing green grasslands from of spring to winter time, are the remarkable assets of this region, famous area for horse breeding.

The domain of Colleville stud farm also enjoys those benefactions of Normandy and has a land of muddy soil with a thick plant carpet which perfectly suits the breeding of high-level but delicate sporting horses.

Aiming to produce the best food balance for its protégés, paddocks get a biannual contribution of fertilizer, to fill any deficiency determined during soil analysis that are realized every three year.

The stud farm also maintains on its property a livestock of about twenty cows, heifers of Limousin cattle.